About us

GetGripped wants people to enjoy their fitness training, train to the best of their ability and minimise the risk of an injury getting in the way of achieving their goals.

Get Gripped is a fitness accessory, apparel brand and online retailer based in Australia.

GG was founded by Scott Miers in 2015 after gym mates would often ask him to borrow his grips when training. The thought of becoming the Grip King was a humorous idea. He spent months in his home garage collecting and cutting up old tubes, cleaning them and stamping the GG logo to market and sell in a couple of the local gyms. As time went by he was asked about bringing out new accessories. With the small profits earned he would invest back into GG and introduce new products to the range.

GG now has 25 different accessories and is stocked in over 50 gyms and supplement stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. GG sales of accessories and Apparel are now being generated from overseas. (USA, Germany, Japan, UK)

The GG brand is rapidly growing throughout the fitness industry used by the novice gym goer to the professional athlete. GG is a gym brand  that appeals to everyone.  

GG accessories are of excellent quality and designed to assist with preventing injuries occurring. 

Scott Miers - Founder/Director

James Patten - Director

Brad Carr - Director