4" Leather Weight Lifting Belt - Pink



### Pink Leather 4" Weight Lifting Belt

Introducing our fresh new design: the Pink Leather 4" Weight Lifting Belt, crafted for maximum performance and style. This old-school belt is made from premium leather, ensuring long-lasting comfort and durability. It features a padded back for enhanced lumbar support, making it easy to lift heavy while staying comfortable. The stainless steel double-pronged buckle guarantees a secure fit.

 Product Description

- **Color**: Vibrant pink with the black GG logo.
- **Comfort**: Padded back for ultimate comfort and support.
- **Material**: Made from premium leather for durability and quality.
- **Closure**: Secured with a stainless steel double-pronged buckle.
- **Design**: Tried and tested style, now available in a fresh pink design.

Contact us for custom sizing.

Measure the circumference through your navel area (relaxed) for the best fit.